Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OCT 28 (THU 6:30)
Scott O'Neil, associate conductor | Nathaniel Stookey, narrator and composer
The Composer is Dead is a thrilling collaboration between renowned children's book author Lemony Snicket and San Francisco composer Nathaniel Stookey that makes every member of the orchestra a murder suspect. Delicate strings and bombastic percussion are part of the action as the Inspector interrogates each section of the orchestra as to their whereabouts on the night of the crime. Your young loved ones will learn about the instruments of the orchestra through this fun and entertaining murder mystery that is fast paced, humorous and suspenseful.

OCT 30 (SAT 7:30)
ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S PSYCHO – Contemporary & Classic Pops Series
Scott O'Neil, associate conductor
One of the most recognizable films in cinema history, Psycho is arguably Hitchcock's best known film. This powerful, complex psychological thriller is the "mother" of all modern horror suspense films. Come enjoy this spooky cinematic classic as you've never seen (or heard) it before with the orchestral score performed live by the Colorado Symphony. A great event for the Halloween weekend!

Psycho 1960 – Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, the master's most notorious film is still terrifying after all these years, as larcenous Leigh picks the wrong place to spend a night: The Bates Motel (12 cabins, 12 vacancies and 12 showers), run by a peculiar young man and his crotchety old "mother." Hitchcock's murder set-pieces are so potent, they can galvanize (and frighten) even a viewer who's seen them before! Bernard Herrmann's legendary (and endlessly imitated) score adds much to the excitement. Based on a screenplay by Joseph Stefano, who adapted it from a Robert Bloch novel by the same name, Psycho made such a huge impact that three sequels followed it (the last for cable TV) along with a TV movie (Bates Motel) decades later. Though it only cost 800,000 dollars to make, the film has earned more than 40,000,000 dollars; it permanently changed the art of creating such films.

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