Thursday, September 29, 2011

City of the Dead...

Deep down below the bustling metropolitan cities of today lies a wretched city born of the undead. Where Zombies live like people, but their city shops and streets take a much more twisted turn. Ruled by the evil and feared Judge Graves, the City of the Dead generates horror around every turn. You may visit the City of the Dead, but will you survive long enough to get out?

Watch out for Judge Graves as he sentences you to eternity within the City of the Dead. As you venture through Dolly's Donuts cafĂ©, the Biker Bar, Scalpies Barbershop, and the Dentist, watch out for the hoodlum Zombies who feed on the living. Don't waste time as you move through Mein Vein's house, he and his wife will be sure to have you for dinner. Or maybe it’s the Asylum or Retirement Home that you may ultimately call home. After this trip through the scariest City that lives, you just might! Be prepared for the scares of your life! More information at:

Judge Graves Doctrine:
Bring us the living and let our city grow. We will prepare your descent into our wretched city.
Only you can dig deeper to escape our dilapidated structures and zombie infested streets.
You be the judge if the citizens of this town are welcoming you home or assisting you to your demise. Ultimately, it is your screams and fear that will make this city grow!
So Join Us, and Prepare for the Experience of a Lifetime!